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Stuff I Use and Love The Most

I don't love most products and services. But, who does! Most things I buy are so-so at best, a few are excellent, and a few are terrible. Services I find to be about the same. Find me 10 professionals (mechanics, doctors, shrinks, teachers) and I'll wager about 8 are somewhere on the so-so spectrum, one or two are awesome, and one or two are downright evil, terrible, or just incompetent and won't admit it.

And yet, I have to pay for products and services, like we all do if we can (and sometimes even if we can't). So, I thought I'd keep a list here of the best stuff I have bought, use a lot, and LOVE.  That's a tall order! I link to the products on Amazon for info about them through their partner program.

Kids Books

  • The Library. Yes, they are still around, and usually doing pretty well! Get some every week. Laura managed to keep between 50 to 100 books in the house at all times, with some rotating very week. Most were from the library, or second hand. This THE cheapest way to help your kid learn I believe. 
  • I can't keep up with my wife, she's got 70 to 100 books around the house at any given time, I counted a few times to make sure that was right. They are mostly library books and used books from friends.
  • TinTin. I gave Shaw my old TinTins. They are a bit dated, with some very questionable role models, like Captain Haddock, but the drawing are so damn good, he looks at them constantly, often by himself. 
  • Truck books
  • Mike and the steam shovel
  • Star Trek Book of Opposites
  • LLama Pajama.

Parenting Info

Family Food


  • Tilley Hat. The T3 hat by Tilley Enderables. Guaranteed for a life to two. Straps tight enough to sail in, has a pocket for a back up $20. Floats, insured, sun protection.
  • Carhartt Men's Washed Duck Work Short. Tough, lots of pockets, really thick cotton. Look great new, and are weekend and work shorts after they get stained.
  • Levi's 501s.  Be careful though, I've notice Levi's quality is slipping and inconsistent.
  • Rockport leather men's Oxford business shoes. For $70.00, and with no sewn soles, I was skeptical at first. But these shoes have lasted a long time and are easy to polish.


Home and Garden 

  • GE Geospring hybrid heatpump hot water heater. Savin' us money, dehumidifying our basement and keeping air flow. Allowed us to get off using our oil hot water heater for hot water. There are a couple of issues you'll find online though. Our pump unit went in about two years, BUT a quick call to GE and they are sending a free replacement, with labor included. So, I'm still a happy customer.

What about you? 

Add a product you use and love in the comments!