Friday, May 29, 2015

Emergency sleep aid: Quiet POV train videos from drivers cab and open air car.

We had to get Shaw totally asleep by 8 tonight. An active day, no nap, an early dinner, and a bath was step one. Then I pulled out the big guns, DEFCON 4, red alert, last resort kinda tactics - YouTube train videos.

But they had to be very specific. Quiet, no harsh cuts, no ads, lulling, and long.

I let him make his "nest" in the big bed (we're on vacation, but that's another post), and I set my laptop screen to the dimmest brightness, with the sound very low. He was out in 10 minutes with this one.

Skip the intro though, it's still photos. Go to 58 seconds in for the sleep inducing ride to begin.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: Cairo and Egypt a No Go

Egypt trip got canceled for me and several others the day before the trip. Contact is the same number of days of work, about 20, but virtual now with "maybe" travel. I'm now focusing on creating a manual for content developers to use, and instructional design, training and tech support on a tight schedule.
I doing some teacher videos too, and screencasts, so I will have to use my fancy new clothes.

I was in Burlington when the news came in, prepping for an e-textiles and laser cutting workshop at the Champlain College's Maker Fablab. This is for the Dynamic Landscapes EdTech conference May 21, 22 that I was going to go to when I returned from Egypt.  I rolled with it, I had to be up in Burlington anyway. My boss at World Learning said I was made for this type of work, because it often gets crazy with two governments, several organizations, and lots different skillsets and context on a project like ECASE. One needs to be flexible and positive I think. And I'm getting the same pay anyway. Back to work on a very tight deadline for a manual and screencast to help a lack of in-person training!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Have cheapt suit - will travel: Suddenly going to Cairo, Egypt for work with World Learning on a USAID Project!

Don't worry. I'm from the government and I'm here to help.
Have cheap suit, will travel!
I'm so happy to have a supportive family, and a passport! The first week after Ivy was born, I got a rushed 9-day contact with World Learning to help them with a very small part of a USAID Project called ECASE (info) in Egypt with the Ministry of Education. I worked on it when Laura and Ivy were aslseep and Shaw was at school in the mornings.

A few days ago they had an opportunity suddenly come up to send me to Cairo to continue the work. Since I have an EdTech conference May 20, 21, and 22 in Burlington, VT. I'm flying into and out of there. 12 days away. I'm feeling both excited to go, and a little nervous to be away.  I'll be helping with the instructional design, training and tech support for three online classes for 10th and 11th grade Egyptian student at new STEM high schools. 

My boss, Sean Conley, has done a lot of this kind of work and referred me. He also gave me the tip to go to our local Van Heusen outlet and get expendable government issue type business travel clothes. After 7 years in VT, I've become like a farmer in terms of business clothing.  I only have my wedding suit!

But not any more. $250.00 later, I'm decked out out in a suit, 2 pairs of slacks, 2 white shirts, three white t-shirts and two ties (black and navy).

Most importantly, no mathematical combination of these clothes known to man can clash, and nobody will panic if I ruin them - which I will.

Laura went nuts with my camera. See below:

Monday, May 4, 2015

Update on Shaw and Ivy

Ivy is suddenly eating, sleeping more than ever this last week, as she learns to move her head and follow us with her bright eyes. She is smiling more and trying to talk. Literally though, she's is eating, sleeping and pooping so much it's crazy. We think she'll plump up the balloon Shaw was for a few months - We'll see.

 Shaw is more a little kid, loving playing any sort of ball game, and sticks, water, mud, dirt, etc.

They are getting along better, mostly. Shaw did sneak a hit on Ivy once and said he "wanted her to go away" so he could, "be with momma. " It's still hard at times on his end. Lots of hugs and he mostly goes to sleep with me in the guest room. We "read" together until he's tired and falls asleep next to me. Then I take him to his room. Then, sometimes, just so he hit all three upstairs rooms and beds,  he goes to the "big bed" with Ivy and Laura in our room between 2am and 6am.

Mostly, he's a wonderful helper who seems to really love Ivy.
And Shaw had his 3rd birthday last Wednesday, I'm working on a photo album. Will post soon.