Thursday, May 14, 2015

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: Cairo and Egypt a No Go

Egypt trip got canceled for me and several others the day before the trip. Contact is the same number of days of work, about 20, but virtual now with "maybe" travel. I'm now focusing on creating a manual for content developers to use, and instructional design, training and tech support on a tight schedule.
I doing some teacher videos too, and screencasts, so I will have to use my fancy new clothes.

I was in Burlington when the news came in, prepping for an e-textiles and laser cutting workshop at the Champlain College's Maker Fablab. This is for the Dynamic Landscapes EdTech conference May 21, 22 that I was going to go to when I returned from Egypt.  I rolled with it, I had to be up in Burlington anyway. My boss at World Learning said I was made for this type of work, because it often gets crazy with two governments, several organizations, and lots different skillsets and context on a project like ECASE. One needs to be flexible and positive I think. And I'm getting the same pay anyway. Back to work on a very tight deadline for a manual and screencast to help a lack of in-person training!

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