Friday, May 29, 2015

Emergency sleep aid: Quiet POV train videos from drivers cab and open air car.

We had to get Shaw totally asleep by 8 tonight. An active day, no nap, an early dinner, and a bath was step one. Then I pulled out the big guns, DEFCON 4, red alert, last resort kinda tactics - YouTube train videos.

But they had to be very specific. Quiet, no harsh cuts, no ads, lulling, and long.

I let him make his "nest" in the big bed (we're on vacation, but that's another post), and I set my laptop screen to the dimmest brightness, with the sound very low. He was out in 10 minutes with this one.

Skip the intro though, it's still photos. Go to 58 seconds in for the sleep inducing ride to begin.

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