Monday, May 4, 2015

Update on Shaw and Ivy

Ivy is suddenly eating, sleeping more than ever this last week, as she learns to move her head and follow us with her bright eyes. She is smiling more and trying to talk. Literally though, she's is eating, sleeping and pooping so much it's crazy. We think she'll plump up the balloon Shaw was for a few months - We'll see.

 Shaw is more a little kid, loving playing any sort of ball game, and sticks, water, mud, dirt, etc.

They are getting along better, mostly. Shaw did sneak a hit on Ivy once and said he "wanted her to go away" so he could, "be with momma. " It's still hard at times on his end. Lots of hugs and he mostly goes to sleep with me in the guest room. We "read" together until he's tired and falls asleep next to me. Then I take him to his room. Then, sometimes, just so he hit all three upstairs rooms and beds,  he goes to the "big bed" with Ivy and Laura in our room between 2am and 6am.

Mostly, he's a wonderful helper who seems to really love Ivy.
And Shaw had his 3rd birthday last Wednesday, I'm working on a photo album. Will post soon.

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