Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pickles! Natural Cleaner project done!

I've been trying to make a present for our friends who brought us so much good food in our meal train the month after Ivy was born.

I wanted to design a label for an empty gallon jug that had recipes on it for how to make natural home cleaners.

I'm not much of a graphic designer, and a bit color blind...what could go wrong?

I only got this far using MS Word.  I know, designing in MS Word? Have I gone mad? But I did't have a lot of time to make a layout in Adobe InDesign that matches the Avery label template. I don't use InDesign regularly enough to be fast. Word had an easy Avery Label template. Of course I spent more time friggin' with Word then I would have in InDesign, but that's probably predictable for you graphic designers reading this - not that achydad is big in the graphic design community.

Then I remember that my neighbor, Kirsten Ullrich, is an actual real live graphic designer! I showed her my Word mock up and she was so dismayed that I tried to make the label in Word, she banged out a label for me in under a hour, free! I offered her our third born, and our first born, since he was being a total pill that night. She declined.

Here's what she did! Another reminder about the value of graphic designers!