Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pickles! Natural Cleaner project done!

I've been trying to make a present for our friends who brought us so much good food in our meal train the month after Ivy was born.

I wanted to design a label for an empty gallon jug that had recipes on it for how to make natural home cleaners.

I'm not much of a graphic designer, and a bit color blind...what could go wrong?

I only got this far using MS Word.  I know, designing in MS Word? Have I gone mad? But I did't have a lot of time to make a layout in Adobe InDesign that matches the Avery label template. I don't use InDesign regularly enough to be fast. Word had an easy Avery Label template. Of course I spent more time friggin' with Word then I would have in InDesign, but that's probably predictable for you graphic designers reading this - not that achydad is big in the graphic design community.

Then I remember that my neighbor, Kirsten Ullrich, is an actual real live graphic designer! I showed her my Word mock up and she was so dismayed that I tried to make the label in Word, she banged out a label for me in under a hour, free! I offered her our third born, and our first born, since he was being a total pill that night. She declined.

Here's what she did! Another reminder about the value of graphic designers!

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  1. Natural? I guess if the chemical plants used to produce the 2-propanol that make the stuff work are "natural," sure. Pretty much puts the kibosh on calling anything, "unnatural," though.

    I have a better idea, though, radical as that might be. Refuse and resist science phobia. Embrace the wonders science has to offer, and watch out for specific problems with specific things in specific applications.

    For example, methyl bromide is a boss reagent for adding methyl groups in a lab with good isolation gear, but it's not so great for spraying on unprotected workers and the strawberries they pick.


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