Friday, April 1, 2016

I reserved a Tesla Model 3 car last night, sight unseen. Here's why.


There's a Tesla Model 3 tracker up linked off this article

- Source: Clean Technica How The EV Tax Credit Work for the Tesla Model 3..."

"If we also assume that Tesla hits the 200,000 milestone in the US on July 1, 2018, then we’d be looking at around 75,000 Model 3 buyers in the US being eligible for the full credit and over 150,000 Model 3 buyers being eligible for a partial credit."


"If your federal tax liability in the year you buy the car is greater than $7,500, then you can deduct the full $7,500 from your taxes. If your tax liability is less than $7,500, then your tax burden will be decreased to zero for that year. In other words, if you only owe $5,000 in federal taxes (before the tax credit), you will pay $0 that year, but you won’t get an additional bonus of $2,500."


"Your order in the production queue is determined by when you configure your car and confirm your order."


Model 3 Tracker Now Available For Reservation Holders – Loads Of Early Data
goes to the tracker here
Tesla Model 3 Tracker

I did it

I reserved a model 3 a hour before the unveiling show started! So exciting! Shaw happened to be up since he went to sleep extra early, then a passing "I.C.E." Harley woke him up...ironic...or fitting?! Here's the video of him watching.

Here's the Video Of The Event

Click here to Jump right to the part of the Video where the Tesla Model 3 arrives on stage.

There are video pans of the actual "drivable prototypes" that were on stage.

Here's an interesting snipit from a post by over at AutoBlog who got a test ride.
"The driver also said that the 3 will be available as AWD, but when it's not operating in AWD mode, the 3 is RWD"...snip..."Luckily, the 3's all-glass top is an option, and not one I'd choose."

That makes me think, "Subaru Forester Replacement" and "Roof Rack!"

Here's some screenshots from the Tesla Motors website photo slide show. 

Unique front. No grill needed for air cooling of hot, stinky, poopy ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)
Lots of glass, looks like the trunk might open nicely where the glass ends.


 The Verge has some good photos here too.

My Tesla Model 3 Interesting Little Observations.

We all know now: 5-star safety rating in each category, not an average. < 6-second 0-60mph. $35,000. Seats five comfortably. 215 or better range. "Frunk" and Trunk that means it can fit a 7 foot surf board inside. Autopilot and supercharger ready.

What I found interesting looking very closely at the opening videos again was:

  • Sealed front grill, clearly an EV and different than the Model S and X.
  • Glass roof, all the way back looked amazing but was only mentioned in passing.
  • Screen on dash looked very replaceable and not permanently built in.

Questions I have About the Tesla Model 3 Are:

  • Does the trunk open wide like a hatch, or after the roof glass ends?
  • Does the screen move on the dash?
  • Are the Superchargers really free still?
  • What kind of home electric capability do I need? Can it work on 110 Volt to trickle charge?
  • Does it have more room than my Subaru Forester?
  • Will they have a lease?

Following the news leading up the the event

Here's Why I Might Actually Buy a Tesla Model 3

I've been following Tesla Motors since their first car. The mission back then was to build some expensive electric cars that funded the R&D to learn how to make an affordable electric car. That car will be announced March 31st, and available to reserve for $1000.00 on during the event carried live at

Here's a blog post today about how to reserve a Tesla Model 3.

I've made a little money on TSLA stock, so I'll use that for the $1000 down.

We have two cars, a 2009 and 2002 Subaru Foresters. The 2009 has 70,000 miles. We bought it used with a loan we paid off in less then a year.

The 2002 has 220,000 miles and is on its last legs for safe and long family trips at least. It's a beater for a long time if we need one. We use it as a town car mostly. So, by the end of 2017, when the Model 3 is slated to appear, it will be time for a new car. And we certainly don't need TWO all wheel drive cars! One low gas mileage SUV is enough. The Forester averages about 22 MPG and lower in winter around town. Ridiculous. It's very stable and safe though, so it's good for towing a tent trailer for a family vacation full of crap, including the roof rack. And for snow, bumpy, muddy dirt roads, 300 miles trips between fillups, etc.

Now, I've always bought cars for cash, except for '09 we paid off quick, as my grandmother taught me. She said that if you don't have the cash, you can't afford the car, and car loans are some of the worst in the world due to the declining value of new cars once you buy them. I believe this. So I'm in a bind.

We'll see what the details are in a couple of weeks on the Tesla Model 3 though! I want to be part of the revolution in mass market EVs that I think the Tesla Model 3 will be a big part of kicking off, similar to the Ford Model T. 


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