Thursday, May 11, 2017

We Decided! Madsen Bucket Bike with 1000w Mid-Drive. Family Electric Assist Cargo Bike Spec. here.

We've finally decided on a family cargo bike with electric assist 

Lot's of research and actual test rides of a Radwagon, Yuba Mundo, and Bike Friday Haul-a-Day later, we pick Madsen Cycle's Bucket Bike! Here's our developing spec sheet with help from Dave at
Testing VT Bike Solutions test Madsen with Befang 1000w mid-drive. We'll get Red I think. 

The bucket, with my son and his "fancy dress" from the thrift store that he loves 
Mid-Drive Electric Assist Specs.

  1. Bafang 1000 watt BBSHD kit.
  2. 14 amp hour battery with the Panasonic cells (or something with 14AH or higer). At least that's what we have and I think it will give you way more range. Maybe lower for only our lower ranged needed, Dave is a riding madman. 
  3. Battery bracket: Karl Kemnizter custom makes it locally in Brattleboro. Or maybe brackets from this mid-drive kit:
  4. Gear sensor, a gear sensor extension wire, and a speed sensor extension wire.
  5. Stock chain ring for now. 

DIY Caleb and Laura can do

  • Flat-proof the tires with tire liners and flat sealant and some some slime in the inner tubes. 
  • Front and back blinking for daylight visibility (not night time driving). Dave's kit was <$100 and everything is connected to the main battery.

Later upgrades

  • ($90) Lekkie Bling ring. It's smaller and stronger, stock chainring worked ok on the test bike.
  • Better night lights. 
  • Front rack/basket from Madsen Cycles
  • DIY rain cover?

More Photos from our first test

VT Bike Solutions test Madsen with Befang 1000w mid-drive

The bucket next to a Radwagon Monkey Bar Caboose. The bucket is actually lower, but looks even. See below photo.
Right: See how much lower the bucket is than the Radwagons Caboose? Mid-drive motor and battery on custom bracket in center.