"How Old Are You?"

Born in 1966.

"What camera do you use?"

Canon G7 X. On my belt, as long as I'm awake, with a mini tripod, extra battery and card in my backpack.

"Why not Wordpress?"

I love Wordpres, my portfolio is on Wordpress.com, and I teach using a hosted instance at the college. But for a daddy blog, I didn't have time to get distracted with plugins and all those options. I wanted to get straight to the content. I'm still not sure I made the right choice, but I had to choose!

"Any advice about blogging?"

Content is king. Just start expressing yourself. Start again. Keep trying, until you really can let it go and not do it, or you are doing it.  Do it to express and learn by processing experiences, and to make a contribution, not to be famous.

Reply to comments if you want a community.

Learn the very basics of:
  • Creativity: I find it very hard as an adult to just let go and express myself and create. This book helped me a lot. The Artist's Way
  • Web Usability: Don't make me think
  • Design. The Non-Designers Design Book. A classic, great for web, print, business cards, etc. It's all about C.R.A.P.
  • Photography: Rule of thirds and three point lighting. Crop and edit most every photo. 
  • Videography: Ditto, and add the concept of microhon proximity. 
  • Invest in your tools. If you don't use them, stop blogging and sell them.