Sunday, September 8, 2019

Fiberglass travel trailer rebuild. Trashed 1989 Casita 16' RV fixed up for kids bunkhouse towable by Subaru Forester

Original photo from classified listing
Finally found a project fiberglass trailer after looking for fun for a few years occasionally. I got a 1989 Casita Brand 16' foot for $700.00 from a nice teacher to make into a kids bunkhouse for our backyard, with occasional travel...maybe. We've had a beat up and patched 1997 Coleman Pop Up I got for $800.00 for a few years and it's getting too beat up. This 16 foot Casita is like a Scamp, Trillium, Boler, and UHall, EggCamper, Happier Camper, type two piece fiberglass campers. Fiberglass lasts a long time! And is light. This model came with electric breaks, a bathroom and toilet up front, a full kitchen with a cooking vent, heaters, etc.


  • 1989 Casita 16', probably a Spirit Delux? Came with electric breaks, bathroom, shower, sink, stove, two vents to the left of the door, and a small window in front of the stove, which had a exhaust vent.
  • Wheels: 13" 5 lug, 4.5' apart. Might take 15"

Gear: Supplies and products Here on Amazon


Cleaned the outside with a solution of 80% white vinegar and 20% isopropal alcohol, then a 10% bleach spray, then scrubbing with Dawn soapy water.

Cleaned the inside with same vinegar solution, then vacuumed and used upholstery Fabrize on carpet and vacuumed again everything carefully with a Hepa filter Shop Vac. I used too much Fabrize I think, but it should air out.  


After first cleaning

Before cleaning

Original Photos from for sale listing