Sunday, January 22, 2017

E-Bikes, small houses and changing real esate

I think small houses, bike paths, and e-bikes will change real estate a bit by altering how valuable little houses are, and close things like beaches, markets, and public transit feel to houses.

If you have an affordable electronic bike that can hold a family and go 20MPH for 20miles with no motorcycle license, you can be "really close to the beach" five blocks away now, maybe more.

Houses along bike paths like the Greenbelt Walkway in Southern Maine's South Portland almost connected to the Eastern Trail, a 60+ mile section of the in of the East Coast Greenway 

Are going to seem more and e-bike like these and value of real estate going up for the kind of folks who ride them. 
Buying "the worst house in the best neighborhood" has been a saying for a while, but now, with so much eco sustainable house technology, it makes more sense than ever!

You want a house you can add to, insulate, solarize, etc. without battling the demons of a 100 year old two story cluster of problems, led paint, etc.

Or, buying land, but starting with a very eco efficient small house and slowly adding. 

Here's an example: The Ferry Village area of South Portland  is very near a great bike path, city, and beaches. And I think in the coming years...nearer.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tesla Model 3: What does it really look like in reality? Size comparisons. Baby seat.

I've reserved a Tesla Model 3 and I'm always curious to find information about what the car might really look like compared to other objects. The PR photos usually don't have anything but the car.

I'm logging what media I do find here.

Please comment or link in a comment if you have more images of videos of it that give a true sense of how it will look surrounded by our current reality.

Motor Trend got an exclusive look a some Tesla's a while back

Below are some screenshots. 

Note: Tesla's preowned system is seeing warrantied Model S cars below $50,000.00. The Tesla Model S is bigger, better for famlies maybe with the big hatchback? Will Model S's be close to $40,000.00 used when the Model 3 comes out?

Video screen shot from Motortrend video of Tesla Model 3, S, X side by side, from above.

This slides show from Motor Trend has a few good shots screen captured here and linked to the original. 

 Screenshot from Motor Trend of Tesla model 3 with people around it

Screent shot from Motor Trend slide so of Tesla Model 3, S and X 

Screenshot of Motor Trend tesla model 3 size comparison