Friday, April 3, 2015

DIY Space Saver Porch Table and Bar, On The Cheap, Nautical Style.

Why yes, that couch is UGLY. And yes, we do slide off it.
But it was used, cheap, and it's weatherproof.
Just look at the table with the food.
Laura and started using the porch table/shelf I build last year after we were able to clear some room off our messy porch. I forgot how wonderful it is! And how easy and cheap it was to build.

It was an old board, sanded down and natural tongue oil. I hate painted wood, it hides the grain of the wood, and paint always chips. Stains and oils sink and are easy to reapply.

I only bought two sailing cleats and some non-stretchy cord from the hardware store. I had the board, oil and old hinges.

Ropes mean no table legs to get in the way of our legs!

Where'd it go? Someone stole our table! Oh, it's hiding on the
Sailing cleats to be able to easily cinch it tight.

A slip knot and screw under table.

A used hinge and random screws for the two under board hinges. Didn't even need a drill bit.
It's like a large screen TV stuck on NTC (Neighborhood Traffic Channel.)

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