Thursday, April 16, 2015

Finally able to walk in the woods! And The Sweet Spot for Excersise and Long Life in a new Study.

We're able to hike, or really walk, again earlier this week along the West River.

We can walk in the woods again! My shoulder aches. He's getting heavy.

"What is this windy wood?"
Snow is lurking under the leaves.

Ice burgs up river!

On the subject of getting out and walking, or doing anything.

A couple new studies on weekly exercise amounts to prolong and improve life. What's not new is what we need to do! Move and grove to feel good, resting and only increases the aches!

Basically 150 to 450 a min a week of anything, like walking, with some vigorous workouts in there. An hour walk a day, most days, with two days a week of weight lifting perhaps?

Pull quote
"The sweet spot for exercise benefits, however, came among those who tripled the recommended level of exercise, working out moderately, mostly by walking, for 450 minutes per week, or a little more than an hour per day. Those people were 39 percent less likely to die prematurely than people who never exercised.""


New York Times "Well" Blog:


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