Saturday, September 5, 2015

MRI is in. Here's a screenshot.

MRI was only mildly terrifying. It was in a new "Titan" model by Toshiba. The machines are bigger now, more room in the tube, better air and light then 20 years ago.  I got a CD for the scans right then. It is so important to remember that you own scans you pay for and should always get a copy for yourself. Brattleboro Municipal Hospital provided me a CD very quickly for $16.00 and also FedExed a copy to my other doctor for  second opinion free.  In a strange way, they are kind of beautiful.

Screenshot of one of scores of different scans, both side of body, and top down. Healthy disks down low. Messy middle ones.

Close up. 3-4th disks down look darker, and pushing out to left on nerves. We'll see.

But they immobilized my neck with pillows and a plastic contraption. And put in ear plugs, so I was pretty claustrophobic. I thought mostly of a cheeseburger I'd get when I got out. My left arm hurt a lot lying flat for 25 minutes. I feel a bit more broken, seeing the messy discs in the effected area, but I don't really know what I'm looking at. Pain in manageable, but still hurts a lot if I cough, am stressed, move my neck too much, etc.

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