Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MRI report, advice, homeopathic ideas,

We're about five weeks into this now. Emotionally, it takes a toll on me. Mostly in terms of the family. I'm strangely pretty okay with staying in bed with books and a computer, and trips to work for meetings. But I miss being able to be part of the family. I can't lift Ivy, or Shaw, or do things they want to do. And, over time, pain is a drain on me and Laura. And Laura is often saddled with the two kids for longer periods of time the if I was just at work.

Below is the abnormal part of my written MRI report. My family doctor (an osteopath) has referred me for a neurological review to go over the below text report, and the MRI images for next steps.

So basically for now the best he can do until expert advice on PT or surgery is to advise rest, avoid lifting anything, don't do anything that aggravates the issue. So, light work, rest in bed supporting neck, light movement around the house, etc.

My armpit, elbow, forearm and to of hand (not thumb though) are in moderate pain most of the time, severe pain with to much activity, or rolling over in bed. 

Medication wise. I'm to take up to 4 Aleve a day, or less (or Ibuprofen). Up to 6 extra strength Tylenol a day. Tylenol 3 when bad. My pain is manageable this way.

On the homeopathic front, he said some people report the following helps.

MRI Report (abnormal part)

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