Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Should I sell my never-used Canon Powershot G7 X for a Canon G9-X?

I've fallen for a new camera. I think. It happens every 10 minutes or so. This time it's the Canon Powershot G9 X (Review).

Coincidentally, I have in my possession, a never used, factory reconditioned,  Canon Powershot G7-X (review). See, Canon doesn't repair G7 X cameras, they replace the entire camera with a reconditioned one. My G7 X was under warranty when the lens cover slightly jammed and I sent it into the wonderful Canon factory repair folks. Now I've got a reconditioned one and I'm wondering what to do in that magic time before I use it for the first time.
I love the G7 X. It has a 1" sensor and the fast lens. But it's a tiny bit big for my crazy needs of carrying a camera, "as-long-as-I'm awake", usually on my belt in a hard shell case, or in my front pants pocket. The G9 X is the size of my beloved Canon S120, my current backup camera, but with the 1" sensor! The only thing I don't like is that the G9 X  has the microphones on the top of the camera, where dust can get in, and they don't face the subject talking. The S120 has the mics on the front.

Here is my G7 X on Ebay:

Here's an unboxing it. 

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