Monday, March 21, 2016

Should I Reserve a Tesla Model 3?

I've been following Tesla Motors since their first car. The mission back then was to build some expensive electric cars that funded the R&D to learn how to make an affordable electric car. That car will be announced March 31st, and available to reserve for $1000.00 on during the event carried live at

Here's a blog post today about how to reserve a Tesla Model 3

We have two cars, a 2009 and 2002 Subaru Foresters. The 2009 has 70,000, is paid off. We bought it used with a loan we paid off in less then a year.

The 2002 has 220,000 miles and is on its last legs. We use it as a town car mostly. So, by the end of 2017, when the Model 3 is slated to appear, it will be time for a new car. And we certainly don't need TWO all wheel drive cars! Once little low gas mileage SUV is enough.

Now, I've always bought cars for cash, except for '09 we paid off quick, as my grandmother taught me that if you don't have the cash, you can't afford the car, and car loans are some of the worst in the world due to the declining value of new cars once you buy them.

We'll see what the details are in a couple of weeks on the Tesla Model 3 though! I want to be part of the revolution in mass market EVs that I think it will be a big part of kicking off. And I've made a little money on TSLA stock, so I'll use that for the $1000 down...I think...We'll see at the event.

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  1. I'm excited about this too, but a little dubious at the same time. I've read there have been quality issues creeping up with the S, and that Telsa isn't even breaking even on that luxury model. It seems like if it's not working out financially with the S, a mass market car will have to absolutely incredibly popular to make the economies of scale to make it profitable. I'm hardly well-informed here, but I suspect the Model 3 will be delivered very late or perhaps at a higher starting price than we've been expecting.


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