Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bought a sailboat - A 12' Puffer. Finally.

Months of obsessive research and fantasizing about sailing has ended – mostly. A 12 foot long 1979 AMF Puffer sits in my yard. It’s been painted, varnished, and good sails, and a new centerboard, rudder, motor mount and lines. Cost = $1200.00. It holds 450 lbs, and has a main sail and jib. The trailer is a 1970s rig reconditioned with springs, shocks, and a winch that holds the front down, making tying it down for travel very easy.
Lots more coming, lessons learned, pics and vids. For now here’s other folks media on the Puffer via a Google search for “AMF Puffer” and here’s the Puffer’s specifications.

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