Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Got a nuerolgocal review appointment at Dartmough Hitchcock tomorrow.

Been working on a neurology consultation appointment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center up in Lebanon, NH since Friday. I've been very positive and nice, and excited to visit them, while remaining firm and mentioning 6 weeks of pain. They had me for the 22nd, but just called and said they can fit me me in the 16th! They also got both my doctor records and MRI in one day. They seem very on top of things.

Incidentally, I was born at the old Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital near the Dartmouth campus when my father was finishing his undergraduate studies after a 3-year stint in the Army interrupted his studies.

I've made a list to bring with me to help with my own patient advocacy. We'll get a sitter for Shaw. Laura and Ivy will come.

 Key background not in my files

  • 1995 L4/L5 discetomoy after trying all else, also stressful and bad health time for me. Print out with me of MRI. Surgery worked. Only one flare up 4 years later of extreme pain during very stressful time.
  • Pregnisone’s first two days of 60MG a day dramatically reduced arm pain. It crept back as it scaled down from day 3 to day 12, mostly back to normal pain.. So, I thought, inflammation is key here? Yes? No?
  • Status
  • Slightly less arm pain especially in last two weeks of more focused rest, pain moving back to shoulder where started. I’m very slightly improving each day, but the severe pain in armpit, elbow, top of forearm, top of hand to pointer and index finger still happens with certain movements. I’m doing light movement that doesn’t cause pain, like range of motion, to do something besides be in bed.
  • Meds: 4 Aleve a day. Tylenol when needed. Valium at night. Tylenol 3 when really needed. Taking Zyflamend (tumeric/ginger) from Proctor & Gamble/New Chapter. Fish oil. Lots of water. Vitamin C. Bananas.
  • Stress at work that contributed to this is gone.
  • I started having to use reading glasses several months before this, which caused me to hold my neck in all kinds of lower and higher angles. Recommend bifocals?


  • I’d like to see my MRI with you showing issues, especially top down view? I’ve have studied a CD. It looked like three discs protruding to me, not just the two from the report.
  • PT when and if? Traction? Is walking ok on a flat surface, slowly. It makes me feel good to be in nature, and to move and get blood flowing, but swinging arms sometimes feels bad.
  • Is my bed rest posture okay at 45 degree angle on a pillow wedge, neck and head fully supported, laptop high on two pillows so I can use with neck relaxed and ears aligned over shoulders?
  • Work posture better if I get a desk that can both sit and stand in good posture?
  • Messages okay to get? I got one, they were careful, but it felt good for a day or so.
  • Any special foods or other over the counter recommendations?
  • I’m almost out of meds. Any you suggest besides Valium, tylenol 3, Aleve. Muscle relaxants? I hold stress in my back and body when I don’t walk/run or go to gym.
  • Can I get a copy of your report?

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