Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Recipe Test: Simple Blue Fish with lemon, butter and parsley.

Photo from Simply Recipes.com
Last night I tried something new with a fresh filet of Blue Fish. It was amazing! I was happy to read in this recipe that kids other than ours seem to love Blue Fish. And it's healthy!

Simply Recipes.com Baked Bluefish 

Blue fish is one of our families favorite. But it's hard to cook right. Usually, I've just made sure it's fresh and cover the top with mayonnaise and Old Bay seasoning and broil, but this was better.

I've made sure our children have grown up with fish. Omega 3 fatty acids have proven benefits, and fish is high in protein and other nutrients. Our kids both have had fresh, and canned fish (wild caught Salmon and sardines from Norway) since they could eat anything. Now, they both eat almost any fish.

And I'm a big fish eater. I love fish the way I love cheese. I love cheese that is expensive from caves, and I love the cheap stuff from spray cans. I'm equal opportunity. With fish, I like it fresh caught and cooked quick. But I also like it from cans (sardines are in my desk) and I subscribe to the thought that high quality wild caught Salmon from a can can be healthier than fresh fish from a farm.

Good for babies to adults. 

Here's some more fish for kids help.

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