Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Split family vacation day 1: Flying with Shaw, and "Third wave" of coffee places

I'm in Santa Fe, NM, visiting my mom (Bubbe) with Shaw. Bubbe is so happy to have company. She's sprucing up her house, (re-stuccoed, new driveway) which is so smart to protect value. And she had a cleaner come, and detailed her care. I can't tell how nice it is to be in a house that doesn't have the feeling of being covered in pee and poo residue, with food seeming splattered wherever we look really closely.

Laura is with Ivy in on a road trip to friends in New York City and then the Northeast Kingdom in Northern VT. She took the 2009 Subaru Forester ca for break and fluid checks today, which made me so happy and safe feeling with them on the road.

Shaw was a star flying out for five hours! I'm working on helping my uncle find home nurses, catching up with work, and blogging in a cafe this morning for a precious hour. It's luscious.

I'm now at the communal table of Iconik Cafe. It's a "third wave" coffee joint, which I guess means the coffee is very wine like. Meaning, high quality, lots of back-story, solid origins, and expensive. $3.50 for a "Pour Over" cup. But I have to say, it's three times as good as a $1.25 cup of coffee!

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