Monday, May 2, 2016

I bought our family's first pop up camper.

After hunting rentals and purchases of a small used pop up camper for the family, I bought one..! (Here's my post full of research and links to help you hunt for a pop up camper.)

We were going to pay a few hundred dollars to rent a pop up camper for 3 weekends this summer. And I was having trouble finding places to rent where we need to go. 

So I found an $800.00 listing for a light pop up camper from my Craigslist alerts and pounced. It's a 1997 Coleman Taos for $800 from a graduate student couple up in Burlington, VT. They checked out on a quick Web surf and LinkedIn. They sounded good on phone, so I risked it and PayPaled the money before the other lookers were arriving that night. It was close. This trailer was mint, the canvas needed work from mice. But no mildew, and no rot.

It worked out so far! Kids love it in the backyard. 

Going camping Memorial day on Lake Champlain. 

Here's the original listing.


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