Friday, March 3, 2017

Green Space Peace Place: It's easy to forget there's a international science team peacefully cooperating above our heads to help all earthlings.

What's off grid...WAY off grid, solar powered, makes 3.6 gallons of drinking water a day from urine it's such a good recycler, and is a beacon of peaceful international cooperation?

And just last week, a Dragon who loves electric cars arrived there bringing supplies you paid for?

Here's a Few Clues

This is a video of it passing between us and the moon.

Here's the View

The International Space Station

Easy to forget about huh? Amazing things are happening all the time up there.

Last Week a Dragon Arrived There With Supplies

Note: NASA video is usually boring because they aren't trying to make any money, but they have to put all media in the public domain on a small taxpayer media production budget.

This spaceship is revolutionary and more sustainable because it does vertical landings. 

How Big Is It?

Hard to tell how big that is though isn't it? NASA is famous for showing photos that are hard to contextualize or know if the photos are exactly real, or colorized, or composites or animations.

This is a real photo taken from the Space Shuttle in 2010.  It's bigger now.

About as big as a football field. 

 Here's the configuration as of 2016

Where is it?

It's only 240 miles away, but it's straight up through a brutal gravity tug. It's also hard to board since it's going 24,000 miles an hour and the bus only leaves a few times a year and the ticket costs millions.

You can track it here and often see it at dawn and dusk with the naked eye. Spot the Station.

You can see where it's over at anytime here at this live camera and map feed. Live, current view it has

What's It Like Inside?

Links for the International Space Station

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