Saturday, February 14, 2015

A melting Shaw. An achy dad. And the famous Harris Hill Ski Jump!

Shaw, with a friend, about to melt down at our famous ski jump weekend.
Shaw melted down today in a very cold place, and I got very sore and tired. We were at our little towns world-class ski jump competition! It was a strange meltdown that Shaw had. My achyness - sadly, not abnormal.

Shaw got into a "nooooooo" mood at about noon at the blistering cold outdoor event. It took us a while of treating him to French fries and hot dogs, warming him up, checking his pants for ashamed of poos, etc. before we realized that he was just tired from a very active morning playing with my brother David who is visiting from China after two years away.

An interesting lesson. I was convinced he'd pooed himself and was hiding it under his layers of wool and silk since it was way before nap time. But he was tired. In the thick of him crying, then stopping, then saying "Noooo!" to everything, even the thing he was saying "no!" too...I didn't think he might just be unable to communicate the he was tired and overwhelmed. That is a big word for a little guy!

Laura took him home since she was ready to get out of the 10 degree weather herself. He mellowed out quick and passed out in the car.

I stayed at the ski jump event with grandma and took some photos and video. 

A truly wonderful thing about our little 12,000 person hamlet is that is has the largest ski jump in Maine, NH and VT. The Harris Hill ski jump. Since 1922 they've been jumping here and after a 2009 rebuilt,  in 2012 and it became an FIS Olympic qualifying jump! It's a small town, with a big world jump.

Dad and David had to beat ANOTHER big snow storm before it hit Portland, ME, so they left when Laura took Shaw home. I stayed until Betty made it, bundled up in two coats and four hand/feet heat pads. She's a trooper.  We hiked up the stairs to the amazingly good seats this small event has.

After 4 hours in 10 to 15 degree weather I made it home, had an early dinner and then got very, very tired! I took a deep, almost uncontrollable micro nap and woke up sore and chilly. Oy. Getting old. Needing cardio and not just light weight lifting a couple times a week.

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