Monday, February 16, 2015

Dinner out with kids

Summary: Dinner with little kids can be tough, but that's what I signed up for - even on my birthday.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that parenting is a lot about being a trooper. Tonight, we took Shaw and grandma to a giant domino maze at the local art museum. Big hit with Shaw, especially helping to sort the 37000 dominoes after they all fell. Fun stuff. 

At the event, we ran into two couples we are good friends with from Shaw's school, so the next logical step was pizza out. It was a big event, reason to celebrate, and nobody wanted to cook. I was feeling pretty low, kind of a chemical thing, maybe brought on by being actually 49, but maybe just from too much heavy, salty meat-food, wine, no gym, not enough water, and low winter sun over the last weeks.

So, I was faced with being alone at home for dinner, with a family for dinner who really wanted to be out, or out for pizza dinner with little kids. I figured I'd be low anywhere, so why not go to dinner.

It was chaos, peppered with mediocre food, interrupted discussions, and trips to the bathroom to change pee soaked pants (A huge TV was near the table and Shaw isn't used to Cable, so he forgets).

It was also my birthday. We'd had my party on Friday, which was great, but this was my actual day.

I rallied, it was fun to be with our friends and the kids loved it. Was I relaxed? Did I enjoy my food? Did I have some good conversation? No. But this is what I signed up for and I wouldn't change a thing.

If I was single this night, I would have had a lot less love, and a lot more of a hangover.

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