Monday, June 1, 2015

Pop up tent trailers for family camping. New England Camp Gounds. Advice? Models? Used or new?

 UPDATE: I've lengthened this post here

We're ready to try pop-up tent camping.

I'd love your advice in the comments! They are open now for all. 

I heard enough folks in my financial demographic say it was really good to give it a try. Laura also agrees. I've talked to several folks who now have older kids now and they say that they pop-up camped when their kids were about age 3 to age 12, and it was a really good family activity. They found safe camp grounds near lakes and mountains and the trailers were relatively inexpensive. But they have beds, vs regular tent camping, which as an older dad I now HATE, due to my sore back in the morning from so call sleeping pads. More like not-sleeping pads. But I don't want, can't afford, and don't have room for an RV.

We're going to rent first.
I've started cautiously researching, don't want to loose entire hours on the project just yet.

Here's what I have so far. 

Pop Up Tent Trailer Models:

Seems $1,500 to 4,000 can get you a good used one. Most seem to have actual stoves, refrigerators, water, and a lot have heaters! I don't need a heater. What if I want a VERY BASIC trailer, with just beds, a counter, place for a cooler, maybe a portable stove, and storage that sleeps two adults in one bed, and two kids, maybe with one small bed each?


Pop Up Tent Trailer Community

Renting Pop Up Trailers in Vermont

Big dealer near us:
Rents for $320 per weekend/ 3 nights.

Trusted Recommendations for Campgrounds for families.

  1. DAR State Forest. 78 Cape Street. Rte. 112. Goshen, MA 01032. Friends recommend, have not been myself.
  2. Malletts Bay Campground. 88 Malletts Bay Campground Rd. Colchester, VT 0544. Friends live there every summer, have not been myself.  
  3. Lake Masssasecum Campground. Friends recommend, have not been myself. 



  1. You've probably driven by this beautiful little lake north of Henniker. I've only seen the campgrounds from a distance, but it seems clean and well-run.

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