Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 4: Regressing, recovering, and voting.

Shaw came in at 5:57am wanting a milk bottle, which we stopped weeks ago. I made the mistake of not getting up right away and trying to convince him to jump into the big bed and get another hour of sleep. More melt down. I got up, we had breakfast - all good. He's infatuated with coffee flavored "cream top" natural yogurts that were on sale at the market.

Shaw is regressing, which is totally understandable!

I'm in recovery still. Keeping emotions inside until things seem stable. But home births are intense! There's a bit for me to process.

Meanwhile, Ivy's eyes are clearing up to a nice icy blue. She's moving past the larval stage, and becoming a full blown baby! She sleeps, waking to cry, nurse and pass out. She's nursing well and it seems like maybe she won't have tongue tie like Shaw did. And there's a lot to nurse too! Laura's engorged at this stage - like the warrior women on the cover of a  fantasy novel or video game poster.

On another note, it was voting day! After a play date with local momma's Shaw and I went to vote.

And worked on dirting the walk way.

He melted down at bedtime. Wanted momma, milk bottles, everything and nothing. I held out as long as I could with being with him and his crying and not sleeping, as did Laura. Then we switched and I got to hang with little Ivy and Shaw got his momma back.

We're love bombing him as best we can to help with this transition.

Overall, he's doing amazing and very tender and curious about Ivy, in small doses.


  1. I had no concept of how hard it is for the first child to deal with discovering they are no longer the only child. I like your term "love bombing".

  2. Ya, me neither as an only child! Although as a husband I can feel some of what he might be feeling because I've also lost a bit of my wife's love and attention for the time being. There's someone new in town and it takes a while for the family to adjust. Some families never get their and siblings just fight way too much until they are apart. I hope we're not headed in that direction. I think after we have enough examples of their being enough love to go around, or one might say, MORE love to go around, things will stabilize, he's so far not mad at her, just us and the world sometimes.


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