Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 6: Hump day

This was a rough one. No photos...well, only two.

I ran with my work energy 'till 1am the night before, with some random surfing and wine thrown in.

Shaw bolted up at 5:30am. Oy. Couch, books, yogurts, car playing, shoveling, and then school. No coffee for me, experimenting with how that helps with patience in this difficult time of transition.

12:30, I pick up and go for the big weapon, excellent mac and cheese at the Vermont Country Deli. (Be careful if you go, lots of the "Vermont" stuff is over priced, like Maple Syrup. But the food is killer, right off exit 1, off rt 91).

He then freaked out because he wants to eat it by the deli sitting on a stoop we used to like to sit on, but it was full of 6 ft of dirty snow. We eat it in the car, near there, with me in the back. He loves it. We head for shopping at the discount grocer.

Home, hanging out together as a family, I cook and clean, they eat and read. Ivy and Laura are doing great. I crash by 2pm, take a nap in the office. It's a VERY strange, deep nap. In and out of deeeeeeeep sleep. Up by 3:30, feeling very out of it from such a sleep.

Shaw passes out on my lap at 4pm while reading. Danger...we're not sure what to do. By 5:30 I open the Shaw's shades and we start to make noise, hoping to wake him before dark. He wakes, we go down and I start dinner and he MELTS DOWN for 30 minutes. Ends up crying in the hall while Laura and Ivy sit with him - talking is useless, as is listening as he's not making much sense and doesn't want what he says he does.

FINALLY, I offer to read to him upstairs and he grabs his bottle of water, sippy cup, and a bag of chips (healthy-ish) and heads up the stairs.

For the first time, Shaw stacks objects by the side of his bed, carefully, and insists on sitting on that side, vs his usual other side by the pillows and wall.

We play with blocks and "loader" in the basement. He uses a wheel on the old jogging stroller I'm trying to turn into an automatic roaming garden to save one from digging up grass. But that's another post.

Don't judge me about my workbench mess. I'm not perfect! I'm looking for some high school kid who needs a few bucks to help me organize it, again...and yes, those are rotors on the top left from a my broken DJI Phantom quadcopter. I stripped a screw installing a new moter. Stop judging me! ;-) I'll fix it someday. Actually, I really should admit defeat, and have the drone's co-owner try, he's not got kids yet...

Shaw "better" he says, by 8. Falls asleep on my arm by 9.

The water and chips...hummmm. A sign of self-soothing, which is good, but might lead to a weight problem, we'll see.

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