Saturday, April 11, 2015

6-Week Ivy Report. Tired, in that parents-of-young-kids way.

Ivy has given me 3 real smiles! They could be gas, but they felt like smiles. She's becoming more of a little kid in the last week and is starting to interact with the world. She's struggles with baby ache. Her hobbies are spitting up and crying.
"You look funny when you try to make me laugh."

"Heh heh. Sorry, this one is gas.""

"I use The Force on you to find a breast with milk in it"

"What is that thing you call a ceiling?"

"Ahhh! Did you know your world is terrifying at times?"

"Um, so, I was thinking, nursing and then a nap?

"I am determined to figure out this new world!"
We are "parents with young kids"-tired. I find it a strange kind of tired. Even if we go to bed at 8pm, which does happen, and get up at 7am, we're both still exhausted. It's mostly mental exhaustion, combined with lack of 4hrs of uninterrupted sleep exhaustion.

Laura is wearing the baby most of the day, which is actually easier then a carrier or crib, as Ivy hardly cries at all. But it means she's got to do everything with one hand and a huge weight on her front. Then Shaw is home at 12:30 after school pick up. I get home at 5ish, being blessed with a job 1/2mile away, that doesn't keep me late very often. I'm then either cooking, or watching kids. We wrangle kids, eat dinner, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, wrangle kids, change diapers, play with Shaw, then start the bedtime ritual. That's about an hour until he's down, so say 8:30pm. But really, could be 7:30 or 9:30 depending on his nap length.

Laura is toasted by 8pm. I take Shaw until he's asleep. By 9pm, he's down and I COULD do many things. Watch a movie, fix my drone, paint the trim inside that's chipping, etc. But my mind is toasted. I do a little surfing on the Web, then climb into bed and read until I fall asleep. I wake up naturally around 6:30am now, get my mind together in the silence, and get the troops up at 7am.

And repeat. Joyful, not as much fun asour old life, harder, the job at hand, and one I am totally into.

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