Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Pre-Ache, Kid, Marriage Adventure. Canoing and Hiking (Portageing) in the Adirondax around Long Lake with Laura.

I just found this video of Laura and I before we were married, or had kids. Pre-ache, if you will. We hiked, camped, and carried a canoe between the lakes and ponds of the Saranac Lakes region of New York Sate.

It was not entirely pre-ache, because we were "portaging" which is another word for, "OMG I'm hiking with a friggin' canoe on my head!"


Literally, we would canoe across a lake, get our camping packs on, then I would pick up and balance the canoe on my my head and shoulders, and Laura would pick all the paddles, life preservers, and cushions from the canoe. The we would hike on a trail to another lake or pond. Then we would canoe around and find a camp site for the night. The hikes were short, and the canoe light, with shoulder pads, but still, with a pack, and sometimes in mud, it was a real challenge at times. 

We started in Upper St Regis Lake, and went to Bog Pond, Bear Pond, Little long Pond, Green Pond, St Regis Pond,  Fish Pond, Nellie Pond, and finally Long Pond.

It was actually a blast, a real adventure full of struggle and victory in the New England summer jungle and mountains!

I brought a solar powered camera kit I was working on as well, which powered the video camera for the trip.

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