Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 5: Work, wellness and progress.

It's Moby wrap time, and mobile time! Laura's up with the baby. Free at last and able to set up a meal train.

I got up quicker today when Shaw came in at the break of friggin' dawn! And we went out side early, did the mandatory shoveling of snow, and went for a bagel downtown before the school drop.

Betty took Shaw until 5! I did some shopping, fed Laura, had some Ivy time...and then...coffeed up, slapped on some headphones,  and dove into the screen! I have this contract I'm working on to develop some online course material for high schools in Egypt. It was wonderful to build a demo and feel like I was going to be able to finish it, with a fellow faculty's help, by the weekend. Tough schedule, but too good an opportunity to pass up. I felt grounded from the work. Perhaps I needed to give birth to something too?

Dinner and bedtime were a bit easier, but not smooth. The evening melt down was quicker though. Grandma Betty helped a lot. 

I've almost blogged the first week, then I can scale back from every day to a couple days a week.

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