Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mom visits and turns 75!

My mother is here for a couple of weeks, "Bubbie" to Shaw.

She was 75 years old Tuesday and she went sledding...and volunterily rolling!

She didn't want any sort of party, but I did get her to go out to dinner with me, and at a fancy place, which is not her style. I'd just finished a big part of a side contract doing some development in and wanted to celebrate as well.

Warm dates, bacon, goat cheese, and cabbage salad.

VT beef and chickpea somethings and chicken,

We went to Duo in Brattleboro - Great meal, even she agreed, although she said it was ridiculous to spend that much money ($95 for two, with two fancy drinks, two apps, two entrees and tip). We had a good waiter, and picked good mixes of food. I agreed about the money, except when you are 75 years old for your birthday.  A table next to us also had a bunch of her peers having a birthday party, she of course went over and met them all, and we shared cake and singing.

Her best friend Ginny brought her from the airport a few days ago, and we had take out with Grandma Betty who my mom is bunking with. They are doing great trading time over the baby and Shaw and living together.  But that's another post...

And of course, swimming in quick order a few days ago. She's a fish.

And so is Shaw now, almost.

Oy! Says the Jewish mother

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  1. Your mom looks great! Congrats to her, and to Ivy, and to all of you. Will show the blog and pics to my mom.


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