Friday, March 27, 2015

Switching track pad hands to help laptop agrivated achy wrists and shoulder: Help via a cheap glove.

I've been using a cheap cotton glove to force me not to use my right hand when using a laptop track pad! I can type with glove, but the cotton prevents the track pad from working when I automatically go to use it.

I'm switching because I get sore wrists, forearms and shoulders from so much computer work. Often I have to switch which hand I use for track pads and mouse moving.

This happens especially when using a track pad on a laptop with my right hand. My right wrist hurts in a repetitive stress injury way and my bad shoulder hurts from inactivity and lack of range of motion.

I've been using a pair I think I got from Ace Hardware, or maybe Agway, but they are basically like these.

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