Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An ode to good gloves, quality, craftsmanship and keeping what works.

Disposable vs well-made?

My mother and father lived in Anchorage Alaska in the early 1960s, right before I was born. A few years ago, my mother gave my wife Laura some old black leather gloves she bought there, 50 some odd years ago. How she managed to keep them all these years, and moves, I don't understand. But does she still has a kitchen knife from that time too! And she did have a secure storage shed away from the fray when she was a hippie...

These gloves are so well made and warm to this day, it's astounding. They are, I think, made of dear skin leather and pure wool on the inside.
My mother's old leather and wool gloves form Alaska in the early 1960s, today in 2015. 

Now, I'm not advocating for everyone to get a pair, since they are probably very expensive to find new, and deer would become extinct.

But I do wonder - how many cheap, essentially plastic material, gloves have I've gone through in the time I could have used one pair of these?

My mother also brought back a pair of real Eskimo-made Mukluk boots, but that's another post. 

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