Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swimming Lessons (and hero dads)

I met a hero dad today at the swim lessons Shaw and I got to on Saturdays, I'll get to that.


Swim Lessons

But to the point of swim lessons. I'm currently not a big fan of lots of lessons for kids, perhaps because I didn't have many. My wife had a lot, and she's told me she would have rather had more time with her parents, then rushing off to music, horse riding, and all manner of lessons after school. I side with the camp that favors free discovery type play in the woods and with toys like Legos, books, and some Apps, and time with the family.

I am for swim lessons (and maybe music lessons, but perhaps that's the beginning of the end...). I think they are more then a good skill a well rounded person has, they are a crucial skill for all humans who love on a planet that is mostly water. They can not only save your life, but also other people's livess


Hero Dad

He had tattoos and the large arms and chest of someone who's either been something like a logger, or a weight lifter. He was at the swim lesson with his son, perhaps 3 years old. We chatted. It turns out he was a single parent, and a stay home dad with his young son. He seemed like a good guy, caring, communicative with his son, etc. He remarked that he managed to be a weight lifter, hold a job and finish a chemistry major in college, but that being a single stay at home dad was infinitely tougher. Bravo dude. Way to man up in a positive way, I thought. Warmed my heart.

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